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The Hillman Hall of Minerals & Gems


The Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems opened in 1980 through the generosity of Henry Hillman who envisioned a mineral exhibit with “minerals exhibited in a manner of sculptures, shown for their beauty, physical properties and economical uses.” This concept is still in eˆect today. The Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems collection includes more than 30,000 specimens, with over 1,300 mineral specimens from all over the world on exhibit. Thirteen hexagonal glass cases on black pedestals hold the Systematic Mineral Collection and create a dazzling display with brightly colored minerals and fascinatin­g formations. Minerals are systematic­ally displayed based on their chemical compositio­n. The bright orange colors and delicate crystal formations of the wulfenite minerals – a molybdate of lead – make them among the most popular specimens. Everything is carefully labeled with informatio­n about the specimens’ chemical compositio­n, origin and locality. A dramatic display of fluorescen­t minerals is transforme­d under ultraviole­t light. The Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems evolved under the previous Collection Manager and Head of Minerals Marc Wilson (now retired after a 25-year-tenure since 1992). His wife, Debra Wilson, took over as Collection Manager in 2017. Her photos can be found in the mineral collection online database at https://carnegiemn­

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