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Inside the Wertz Gallery, the Cut & Polished Pennsylvan­ia Gems & Minerals exhibit features gems, jewelry, gemstones, cabochons, polished spheres and carvings made from minerals unearthed in the state of Pennsylvan­ia. Among them, is a type of hard coal known as jet, and williamsit­e (the highly translucen­t gem variety of antigorite or serpentine) found along the state line with Maryland in Lancaster County’s Chromite District. Williamsit­e was named after mineralogi­st and geologist Lewis White Williams, of West Chester, Pennsylvan­ia. Several faceted gemstones of quartz, amethyst, aquamarine and titanite are on exhibit along with cabochons of malachite, blue quartz, sunstone, amazonite, a polished sphere of copper and quartz, and blue quartz. Two other cabochon pieces on exhibit — epidote and cuprite in silicified rhyolite — are self-collected and cut and polished by the famous John Sinkankas, the 1988 Carnegie Mineralogi­cal Award winner.

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