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Since Chen “Jack” Jong Chong’s first introducti­on into gems looking for emeralds in Columbia nearly 20 years ago, he’s been on a mission to hone his craft and share his knowledge. He’s earned multiple first-place awards with the United States Faceters Guild and is actively educating the next generation of gem enthusiast­s.


Jack’s emerald adventure prompted him to complete the GIA’s Graduate Gemologist course. He took additional courses about gem faceting and purchased his first faceting machine.


“After returning to the United States, I wanted to buy the best faceting machine so I did some research. I emailed ULTRA TEC with a few questions, and Mr. Joe Rubin, the owner, responded to me and invited me to visit the ULTRA TEC factory. They introduced me to the ULTRA TEC V5 Faceting

Machine and answered all my questions. I have never met such a kind person and a good company like them, so I decided to use the ULTRA TEC V5 Faceting Machine as my first and only choice,” he explains.

Jack quickly realized he made the right choice. “I love the whole machine, but of course, the mast is the heart of the machine. It is the pride of ULTRA TEC. The ULTRA TEC V5 Faceting Machine meets all of my needs when I do gem faceting. I can quickly position the mast, quickly calibrate the index vernier, and quickly set up angles. The Digital Angle Dial (DAD) is very precise up to two decimal places. And the best thing is I can calibrate it myself if it is needed. I can always be precise and ready for my next faceting,” he said.


Jack’s goal is to share his knowledge with everyone. Starting in 2020, he taught six students who completed his advanced gem faceting courses. He said four of them now use the ULTRA TEC V5 Faceting Machine.

With multiple awards and continual improvemen­t in his craft, his students are in good hands. “When I first participat­ed in the USFG SSC, I thought it was a good way to verify my faceting techniques.

I set up my goal as simple as just to do the best I can,” Chen Jong comments.

His enthusiasm in teaching and utilizing the ULTRA TEC V5 Faceting Machine in his work inspired him to reach bigger audiences by participat­ing in the Taiwan Mineral Show and Taiwan Jewelry and Gems Exhibition, creating a Facebook page named “Faceting Fun” and founding “Jack’s Gem Studio” in Taipei City, Taiwan to teach gem faceting.

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