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Dino Trackway Damaged while Installing a Trackway for Humans


Nothing stirs the inner child within us quite like dinosaurs. As a result, any important localities related to dinos draw large crowds of humans. We humans ”ock to such sites, and as a result, they o‘ften have been developed with walkways, viewpoints and buildings to accommodat­e us. But now the e–ffort to accommodat­e has damaged the very things we humans have come to see.

Per an article in the journal Science, the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite near Moab, Utah, has been permanentl­y damaged by a backhoe operator employed to replace an aging boardwalk. at boardwalk had been put in place to help visitors view over 200 fossil footprints le‘ by dinosaurs 112 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which administer­s this particular site, reportedly provided paleontolo­gists with no advance notice of the constructi­on. us, no scientists were on hand to monitor and oversee the so-called improvemen­ts. e BLM itself, in a formal statement, neither explained nor accepted responsibi­lity for the damage to this important paleontolo­gical resource.

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