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For Sharpest Vision, LOOK LIKE A TRILOBITE!


While trilobites vanished from Earth 252 million years ago, they were hugely successful over the previous 269 million years. ey le behind a rich fossil record with many species sporting compound eyes, some with hundreds to thousands of lenses within a single eye. It was believed those lens arrays provided superb depthof-eld.

Now a team of Chinese and American researcher­s led by Qingbin Fan (Nanjing University) has proven this by building a “metalens” camera composed of millions of “nanopillar­s” inspired by the trilobite, particular­ly the species Dalmanitin­a socialis. As described in the journal Nature Communicat­ion, they constructe­d a “nanophoton­ic light-eld camera.” While trilobites may have gone the way of the dinosaurs, their legacy will live on.

e research team believes their technique will “aid the developmen­t of future high-performanc­e imaging systems” with applicatio­ns ranging from consumer photograph­y to machine vision. To see into the future, look through the eyes of the past!

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