Rock & Gem


Take a look through this issue to fill in the answers to the following mineral sentences.


2. The most common type of drusy gemstone is _________________. 3. Quartz crystals that are “perfect” are used in _________________, _________________ and the ______________ industry and are lab-grown. 4. In The Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption, Father Dobberstei­n made stalactite­s by leaving a deposit of_________________ and _________________ exposed to rain through a hole in the roof. Mineral-rich rainwater collected and dripped to form stalactite­s. 5. _________________ are the state rock of Iowa. 6. Giant _________________ crystals in the Naica silver mine were four feet wide and 40 to 50 feet tall. They looked like a forest of trees blasted and uprooted by a hurricane. 7. The giant crystals are located above a hot _________________ chamber. It’s estimated they took a million years to form first as _________________ then reform into selenite. Pumps have stopped. Water is rising and the crystals may dissolve back into solution. 8. Rose quartz occurs in _________________ form without crystal faces or terminatio­ns. 9. Pink quartz is found as _________________ an inch or two in size. 10. Six-rayed _________________ appears in the star variety of rose quartz.

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