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Croz, my wife and I have reached the point where we need to put down our beloved dog. She wants to get a puppy afterward, but I don’t know if I can do this again. The pain of their deaths is too hard. What do you think? — Peter, Toronto

Dogs live much faster than we do, and the pain of losing them every 15 years or so is agonizing. But I just don’t think I can’t not have a dog in my life. And if you have kids, you have to have dogs, because dogs will teach kids about love. Dogs are experts on love. They have a Ph.D. in love. My advice is to cope with the fact that you have to lose them. The joy that you get from them is worth it.

I’m overweight and worried about my health, but a 55-year habit of eating pizza, bagels, and ice cream whenever I feel like it is really hard to break. You managed to lose a ton. What’s the secret? —Tony, Boise, ID

I did it by eating all the stuff I normally did, but cutting the portions in half. Very simple. I lost 60 pounds. You eat and you burn. What you don’t burn, you wear. When you’re young, you’re burning like crazy. When you’re older, you can’t burn anywhere near the same amount. And so you put on weight. You have to eat less. That’s the key.

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