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Don Toliver


Don Toliver is likely up next from Houston. An acolyte of Travis Scott, Toliver makes music that sounds like the latest iteration of the city’s sonic contributi­on to hip-hop. It’s got the ambient flourishes of later Kanye production­s but retains that distinctly Southern energy. Toliver sings with a distinct vocal range that hearkens the easily identifiab­le register of Kid Cudi. His 2020 debut, Heaven or Hell, arrived just as the pandemic started. “There’s so much music people never got to experience,” he says. “People never got to experience that pain with me. So it’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be a real, real energy exchange.” He says his latest project, due out sometime this year, builds on more positive emotional themes. Toliver sees Houston as a mecca for talent. “The artists, the painters, the dancers, these people are super-talented on another type of level,” he says. “We come at things differentl­y, and I don’t think people really understand that, to a certain degree. Because the culture and the way we move is so diverse, and it’s really crazy.”

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