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Do not compare Ken the Man to Houston’s other rising female rap icon, Megan Thee Stallion. It’s not that both don’t share a similarly buoyant flow that’ll make your head knock and your knees weak, it’s just that Ken the Man deserves to stand on her own. Last August, she independen­tly released 4 Da 304’s, a record that would make any nightclub shake. It’s raunchy, sexy, and dripping with confidence. Like a true Houston hustler, she started making music in between Uber shifts. As her star rose, she’s been able to take on music full time. She started with the type of bouncy club rap that made Megan famous, but she has since expanded into the kind of laid-back flow that the city’s scions of rap built careers on. The blend is as compelling as anything being released right now. She recently signed onto a partnershi­p with Asylum records, and is working on her follow-up to 4 Da 304’s, which is sure to have the post-pandemic nightclubs jumping.

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