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The Twist We Didn’t See Coming

- A.S.

Season Two of OWN’s excellent David Makes Man (Tuesdays at 9 p.m.) leaps its title character from middle school to his thirties. It’s a radical shift, but far from the only show to reinvent itself between outings.

The Wire

HBO 2002-08

Viewers were startled to find Season Two focusing not on the same inner-city drug crew, but a group of corrupt (and mostly white) stevedores at the Baltimore docks. The remaining seasons would embed in other parts of town, including City Hall, a school, and the Sun newsroom.


Showtime 2005-12

After the thirdseaso­n finale burned down the placid suburb where Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) dealt pot, later installmen­ts took her and her kids around the country for increasing­ly dark adventures involving drug cartels, murder, and Big Pharma.


FX 2009-Present

The animated spy comedy retitled its fifth season Archer Vice, as Sterling focused on selling cocaine after his agency was disbanded. And when Archer was shot at the end of Season Seven, the show’s next three years featured coma fantasies in which he worked as a film-noir-style gumshoe, an adventure-seeking Thirties pilot, and a spaceship captain.

Baywatch Nights

Syndicated 1995-97

Few seemed interested in this Baywatch

spinoff where

David Hasselhoff played a hard-boiled private eye when he wasn’t busy lifeguardi­ng. So the second season tried and failed to cash in on the popularity of The X-Files,

with Mitch Buchannon and friends (including a young Angie Harmon!) investigat­ing monsters, aliens, and other paranormal mysteries.

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