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U.S. of AY!: ‘America: The Motion Picture’

- D.F.

HISTORY CLASSES and Hamilton have taught us that the American revolution liberated us from tyranny. This animated movie details what actually happened: A chain-saw-wielding George Washington (Channing Tatum) won our independen­ce by avenging the death of his BFF Abe Lincoln to the tune of “Freebird,” along with some help from female Chinese American inventor Thomas Edison and a Robocop centaur. A fantastica­l Adult Swim-meets- Archer spin on our nation’s origin, America: The Motion Picture is what you’d get if you asked 12-year-olds on a sugar high to turn our country’s creation myth into a superhero blockbuste­r. This is the America that we think of ourselves as, a land of the fast and home of the furious — yet its ridiculous remix of 1776 is no more muddled or wrong about our history than most serious Hollywood movies about the old white men in white wigs. Happy fucking birthday, USA!

 ??  ?? The original action figures: Our founding fathers
The original action figures: Our founding fathers
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