Rolling Stone

Terminator 2: Judgment Day



James Cameron’s follow-up to his 1980s pulp sci-fi masterpiec­e would be a blast even if you didn't factor in the FX — think of Arnold

Schwarzene­gger’s reformed Terminator putting a mini gun to good use, that white-knuckle motorcycle chase, the clever reprise of the original’s “I’ll be back,” or the instantly iconic sight of a ripped

Linda Hamilton single-handedly cocking a shotgun. But then you see Robert Patrick’s sleek, metallic, next-gen T-1000 take a shotgun blast to the head, only to re-form his split cranium before your eyes . . . and suddenly, a world of action-movie possibilit­ies seem like they’re just a few keystrokes away. Hasta la vista, analog action.

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