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A New Chapter for Billie Eilish


Readers dove into our cover star’s hunt for happiness, our special collectors zine, and the behind-the-scenes video [“Billie Eilish and the Pursuit of Happiness,” RS 1353]. We saw dozens of “beautiful”s and lots of bliss surroundin­g Happier Than Ever: “This good girl went to heaven and took us with her!” tweeted OneTribeDo­cuBay. “I love her new aesthetic! This era is so elegant and cute,” wrote Star Blosh. “You’ve no idea how happy I am the green hair has gone, she’s so beautiful and now she knows it,” commented Reffoelcnu Alouncelal on our YouTube channel. But what readers connected with most were Eilish’s deeper struggles (“She’s helped me through a lot,” explained Elena_ Roblox_cats), her hard work with brother Finneas (“finishing every single song they start and having all of them released” impressed Res@Resockets), and her pit bull rescue dog (“Just love to see her and Shark interact. Seems her dog makes her super happy,” wrote Niznomore S.).

“She’s growing up. It’s kinda sad. I really dug the punkkid look. But I guess we all gotta do it some time.”

—Jen H, via YouTube

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