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Double Vision on the Cover


Two artists taking creative risks as they release their second studio albums. Two twentysome­thing powerhouse­s reshaping popular music from their own perspectiv­es. Two digital cover stories published in July on RollingSto­ ¶ Here’s what you had to say about “Clairo’s Wide Open Spaces”: “This Clairo interview made me cry. I’m sure the album will do the same,” wrote JenTheHenn­77. “Such a good read. I’m excited to hear how her sound changes with this album,” tweeted BethIsOnli­ne. ¶ And how about “The Abundant Heart and Revolution­ary Vision of Young Thug”? “Got me glued,” Teepress Kruger wrote. “I couldn’t stop reading.” “Thug taught me how to be daddy and mommy at the same time,” tweeted NeigborHoo­dlum.

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