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Orville Peck’s Human Touch


“IT’S SOUNDING BEAUTIFUL, Y’ALL,” Orville Peck tells the musicians gathered at Neon Cross studio in East Nashville, where the famously masked singer has been working on his next album, with producer Jay Joyce. The sessions include a pair of riveting tunes that hint at a more expansive, even sumptuous, approach to Peck’s left-of-center take on country. The project will be his “most personal and ambitious album,” Peck says, and bear the unlikely influences of “Seventies California psych-rock and casino music.” Peck and his band recorded most parts live in one room, a rare Covid-era privilege that isn’t lost on him: “We felt lucky to be able to capture that live energy,” he says. “It’s what I love about old country and rock albums.”

 ??  ?? Peck at Neon Cross in June
Peck at Neon Cross in June
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