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Y: The Last Man NETWORK FX on Hulu AIR DATE September 13th 3

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s acclaimed comic book about the aftermath of an event that kills every man in the world but escape artist Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) has been floating around Hollywood for a long time. So long that FX’s version can’t help feeling reminiscen­t of other post-apocalypti­c tales like The Walking Dead, even though the Y comic came first. At times, the series digs into the specific ways a world without cis men would be different. (The most interestin­g addition to the comic’s ensemble is Sam, a trans man, played by Elliot Fletcher.) But a lot of it is generic action and suspense, albeit with a good cast that includes Diane Lane, as Yorick’s politician mother, Jennifer; Olivia Thirlby, as his paramedic sister, Hero; and Amber Tamblyn, as the late president’s daughter. Y most vividly comes to life when Yorick is on the road with secret agent 355 (Ashley Romans) and scientist Allison Mann (Diana Bang), as they try to figure out how to use him to repopulate the species, all while containing their anger that even in this scary new reality, the most privileged person is a straight white guy.

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on the move in New York
Schnetzer on the move in New York

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