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David, any thoughts you may have regarding conspiracy theorist David McGowan, who claimed you, Frank Zappa, John Phillips, and Jim Morrison were assets of a militaryin­dustrial program to create the countercul­ture. Personally, I think it’s pretty ridiculous. But settle it once and for all, please. —Steve

No. It’s not true, simply because I wouldn’t be in anything with Jim Morrison. Just a joke! It comes from the fact that Jim had a dad that was an admiral. It’s just another piece of unbelievab­ly stupid shit. You have to have an IQ of a turnip to believe stuff like that.

I lost my brother to suicide and deeply miss him. We were inseparabl­e while he was here, and he made me laugh like no one else. How do you deal with losing those you love the most in the world? —Doug

I lost my brother to suicide, too. There is no easy way to handle death. It’s one of the things we have to deal with as human beings. There is no clever thing I can tell you to help with the pain. The only way I know to deal with losing those you love is to keep your heart beating. Get up in the morning. Feed the dogs. Make yourself some breakfast. Face the day. You can’t let it defeat you, or you’ve given up. I’m not a give-up person. It doesn’t work for me. So try to find the most alive, most joyous things you can do, and do them.

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