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IN THIS TRUE-CRIME miniseries, Olivia Colman and David Thewlis play Susan and Chris Edwards, who were convicted of murdering her parents and burying them in a back garden, even as the couple insisted the circumstan­ces were far more complex. Their lives before and after the crime are depicted as largely sad and unremarkab­le, which is why Susan devotes so much of her inner life to the movies of Gary Cooper and other classic film stars, while Chris’ primary source of joy comes from being pen pals with French actor Gérard Depardieu. So Landscaper­s alternates between grim police procedural and CinemaScop­e fantasy. Susan envisions herself and Chris as Wild West outlaws, and director Will Sharpe and screenwrit­er Ed Sinclair periodical­ly shatter the barrier between the plot and the production. We see

Colman and Thewlis moving around the Landscaper­s soundstage past members of the crew as the action shifts from an interrogat­ion room to a version of the killings that’s being stage-managed by the cops. Colman and Thewlis are predictabl­y great. But Landscaper­s, like Susan, seems far more invested in depicting her imaginary world than her real one, letting the actual story drag until Susan finds another mental escape.

 ?? ?? Colman gets lost in classic
Colman gets lost in classic films.

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