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Electric aviation is just one advance at the very edge of clean mobility. Below, a roundup of other advances in decarboniz­ing the world’s transporta­tion, on land and at sea.



Hand it to the Norwegians for making green transport sound like death metal: Meet the MF Hydra — a ferry powered by supercoole­d liquid hydrogen. With room for 300 passengers and 80 cars, the angular ship looks like it shares a designer with the Tesla Cybertruck. Introduced in 2021, the ferry is expected to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 95 percent.


Hydrogen can be tricky: Both the gas tanks and the fuel cells that turn the gas into electricit­y are bulky. But there’s plenty of room on the rails, where hydrogen has become an alternativ­e when electrific­ation is too costly or impractica­l. Canada is testing hydrogen retrofits of diesel engines that will pull freight from Calgary to Edmonton.


Ocean shipping accounts for three percent of global greenhouse emissions. But shipbuilde­rs have begun pivoting from diesel to a surprising substitute. Comprised of hydrogen and nitrogen, ammonia is better known as a cleaning agent or fertilizer, but it can also power combustion engines. To make it, you only need electricit­y and water.

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