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BOOK 1. ‘More Real Life Rock’

Greil Marcus is one of America’s most esteemed cultural critics. His latest must-read collection of “Real Life Rock Top 10” columns finds him navigating the Trump years, with brilliant riffs on everything from Sleater-Kinney to

Better Call Saul.

PODCAST 2. ‘Run, Bambi Run’

Who was Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek — and why couldn’t the public look away from her lurid 1980s murder trial? This new podcast explores the life of the Playboy Club bunny turned Wisconsin cop turned fugitive.

ALBUM 3. The Suffers’ ‘It Starts With Love’

The first LP in four years from the Houston collective led by singer-songwriter Kam Franklin is a thrilling mix of textured R&B, soaring power ballads, and Gulf Coast funk.

TOUR 4. Halsey

Halsey is heading back on the road in the U.S. for the first time in four years (thanks, Covid). This time the tour is in support of her moody, regal, and rock-tinged 2021 album,

If I Can’t Have Love, I

Want Power. She’ll also be bringing a special guest on the road: her one-yearold son, Ender.

SINGLE 5. Sky Ferreira’s “Don’t Forget”

Behold, Sky Ferreira stans! The elusive punky pop star is back. Though we may not know when her long-awaited sophomore LP, Masochism, is coming (if it ever does), we at least have “Don’t Forget,” a bold and catchy return to her synth-pop roots.

DOCUMENTAR­Y 6. ‘The Janes’

As we hurdle toward a post- Roe v. Wade reality, this HBO doc explores the Jane Collective, a group of Chicago activists who created an undergroun­d abortion network before it was legal nationwide.

MEMOIR 7. ‘Dirtbag, Massachuse­tts’

Isaac Fitzgerald’s memoirin-essays is a bighearted read infused with candor, sharp humor, and the hope that comes from discoverin­g saints can be found in all sorts of places.

MOVIE 8. ‘Marcel the Shell With Shoes On’

If you’ve seen Jenny Slate’s popular YouTube shorts starring a partially animated shell, you know that this sensitive, inquisitiv­e little fellow contains multitudes. Now Slate and co-creator/director Dean Fleischer-Camp have given Marcel his own movie, in which he faces loneliness, life during lockdown, and his ailing grandmothe­r (voiced by Isabella Rossellini). Bring the tissues.

TV SHOW 9. ‘Stranger Things’

Eleven and the gang are almost adults in Season Four, but that’s not stopping the Duffer brothers from sending them on new terrifying adventures in the Upside Down. Why we’re tuning in: Hopper’s not only reportedly alive, but the new season should give us more backstory on how he became such a lovingly grizzled police chief.

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