Rolling Stone

All-American Extremism

With an array of hate groups forming in recent years, the threat of far-right violence has never been greater. But not all share the same goals and methods. A guide to the country’s most dangerous militants


The factions of far-right militants in America can seem a jumble of militiamen and revolution­aries, neo-fascists and white supremacis­ts. • While they all share a love of guns and a loathing of liberalism, not all militant groups share the same tactics, aims, or trigger points. How do you differenti­ate an Oath Keeper militant from a Proud Boy brawler or a Boogaloo Boi from the Patriot Front? We’ve got you covered. • Below, a survey of some of the most dangerous groups on the right, the objectives they pursue, what makes them unique — and why they fight. “The best way to distinguis­h between these groups,” says Matt Kriner, a senior research scholar at the Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterter­rorism, “is looking at their narratives of justified violence.”

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