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Chicago post-punk band Ganser use LED Volume screens — the same futuristic tech used for The Mandaloria­n — to film a pair of ambitious videos on a budget


IF YOU’D TAKEN a wrong turn on the expansive-looking film set for Chicago postpunk group Ganser’s latest music videos, you might have accidental­ly crashed into a wall. That’s because

rather than shoot outside

or use a green-screen

background, the band tried out an LED Volume backdrop — essentiall­y an array of high-resolution screens that can respond realistica­lly to camera movement, similar to a video game. It’s the same technology Disney+ uses for The Mandaloria­n.

“When you think about the cost of building out a full set versus just being able to render one with this LED backdrop, it will have a benefit for people who couldn’t afford that,” says co-lead vocalist Nadia Garofalo, who works in the film industry.

Bassist and co-lead vocalist Alicia Gaines was impressed by how the volume setup enabled virtualpro­duction supervisor Andy Jarosz to create a dynamic environmen­t for the shoot: “Andy was adding in trees and changing lighting on the fly.” She adds, “I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of very fantastica­l music videos coming up, especially from artists much larger than ourselves.”

For the propulsive discopunk stomper “People Watching,” Ganser conceptual­ized a clip in which Garofalo lies in a hole and her bandmates bury her alive. The group made a short trip into the cornfields outside Chicago during wintertime to film some exterior shots. Later, they decorated Resolution Studios with fake snow and cornstalks that matched the backdrop. “It’s kind of nice to be like, ‘OK, we’re shooting it in the cold winter — but we don’t have to actually go out and dig a hole in the ground and be outside for 10 hours,’ ” Garofalo says. “Saving crews from elements is cool, too.”

The ambitious quartet filmed everything during a marathon, one-weekend shoot. “I was being shot from the waist down,” Gaines recalls of the burial scene, “so I was burying Nadia in fake soil and looking at the monitor on one side, checking her lip-sync. This was our most difficult video to make.”

For “What Me Worry?,” a more echoey, experiment­al track that will appear with “People Watching” on Ganser’s upcoming Nothing You Do Matters EP, they reversed the action, this time with Gaines escaping from the grave. They also pulled the camera back to reveal the LED Volume setup, proudly showing off their magic trick’s prestige. “It just makes everything so much more possible,” Garofalo says. “Even with smaller budgets where we can’t afford to shoot on those big locations or build these crazy worlds.”

 ?? ?? From top: Ganser on the high-tech set
of their new videos; Garofalo gets buried
alive; Gaines sings on screen.
From top: Ganser on the high-tech set of their new videos; Garofalo gets buried alive; Gaines sings on screen.
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