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The Return of the Only Podcast You Need to Know


LISTEN UP It’s been a minute, but Rolling Stone and OBB Sound’s Too Long; Didn’t Watch podcast is back this summer with a batch of 10 new episodes for Season Two. Each week, our chief TV critic, Alan Sepinwall, is joined by celebrity guests like Natasha Lyonne, Max Greenfield, Ilana Glazer, and Yvonne Orji to watch a classic TV show that the guest has somehow never seen before. This time around that includes modern classics like Sex and the City, Mad Men, and Friday Night Lights. The catch: We show them only the very first and very last episodes of each series, and they have to figure out everything that happens in between. Will the shows make any sense at all? Is this even a good way to tackle the problems posed by Peak TV? We’re still not sure, to be quite honest, but it’s damn sure fun trying to figure it all out. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

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