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Up Close With Megan Thee Stallion


When Megan Thee Stallion and Mankaprr Conteh pulled up to the studio to hear some of the rap queen’s new music, an engineer offered Meg’s guest some tequila. Just one problem: There was nothing around to chase it — so Meg gave up some of her own lemonade. “She was very gracious,” says Conteh, whose profile of the Hot Girl (p. 48) is her first Rolling Stone cover story. “It’s telling that she’s maintained this positivity in spite of all the negativity she’s endured.” Conteh has been following Megan since the rapper’s early days, drawn to her raunchy lyrics and forceful personalit­y. “It’s nice to work with people whose discograph­y and persona mean something to you,” Conteh says. “To spend time with someone who is reshaping the perspectiv­e of gender in the genre is cool."

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