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Showing love to the mundane things in life


AUSTIN CHUI (@Austinchui) began making videos as a way to hold himself accountabl­e in his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. “When hundreds of thousands of people are watching your videos, you cannot be lazy,” says Chui, 21, whose videos — often just him preparing to go to the gym — are part of a uniquely soothing trend: creators luxuriatin­g in the mundane details of everyday life. (You can find many such videos under the #dailyvlog hashtag.) Some creators choose to share specific moments that bring them joy. @Lovethetil­lerys, an Atlanta-based family of four, aim to inspire other Black couples through their Instagram and TikTok. Whether they are shopping for groceries, playing with their children, or attending to chores around the house together, the goal is to ensure that young Black couples are able to see their lives reflected in theirs.

Nabela Noor (@Nabela) started her popular collection, known as Pockets of Peace, during quarantine. “I wanted to put out content that felt like a breath of fresh air amidst the noise and chaos,” she says. The videos are vignettes of small moments of joy, like lighting a candle or pouring a glass of water.” Noor’s Pockets of Peace videos have garnered more than 1 billion views.

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Nabela Noor, a.k.a. @Nabela

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