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Four Must-Hear Episodes

All of You Must Remember This is worth a listen, but here are some standout installmen­ts from Karina Longworth’s podcast sure to pull in any new listener


Charles Manson’s Hollywood EPISODE 46: “The Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, and Manson the Songwriter”

Charles Manson had connection­s throughout

Hollywood, and in this season — which has

been called the definitive podcast on the subject — Longworth picks through his links to stars (Angela Lansbury’s daughter actually funded the Manson Family for a time) and the music scene, particular­ly the Beach Boys’ Dennis

Wilson, with whom the Family would live for a

time before the Tate-LaBianca murders.

Fake News: Fact-Checking Hollywood Babylon EPISODE 131: “Clara Bow”

Silent-film star Clara Bow

may have been the movie industry’s first It girl, but thanks to Kenneth Anger’s 1959 book — to which Longworth dedicated the season — the

Hollywood sex symbol was forever remembered

for “tackling” the entire USC football team,

so to speak. This isn’t true, of course, and in this episode (featuring special guest Natasha Lyonne), Longworth details the brash Brooklynit­e’s real-life exploits during an era of

sexual liberation.

Star Wars EPISODE 39: “Walt Disney”

Longworth has talked about her connection

to Walt Disney and the rereleased movies her

mother took her to as a child (including Song of the South, a racist 1946 film on which Longworth later based an

entire season). In this episode, part of a series on Hollywood during World War II, she looks at the complicate­d life of the man himself — from the debt he incurred bringing

his vision to life to the conservati­ve politics that would “land him on the wrong side of history,” as she puts it on the show.

Polly Platt, the Invisible Woman EPISODE 161: “Peter Bogdanovic­h and the Woman Behind the Auteur”

Thanks to an unpublishe­d

memoir given to Longworth by Polly Platt’s

daughters — as well as interviews with them and others close to Platt — this season does what Longworth does best: It shines a light on a brilliant, forgotten woman behind a larger-thanlife man. This episode details the film designer’s

early relationsh­ip with Peter Bogdanovic­h

and how she shaped his vision for Targets and

The Last Picture Show.

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