Rolling Stone

6 Seinfeld

NBC 1989-98


When comedian

Jerry Seinfeld and his neurotic, self-destructiv­e best friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander) are developing a sitcom based on

Jerry’s life in Seinfeld Season Four, George describes it as “a show about nothing.” The fictional head of NBC they pitch it to wonders why anyone would watch that. His real-life counterpar­ts had no such questions, as Seinfeld became a phenomenon — and one of the most influentia­l comedies ever — through its obsession with the minutiae of everyday life (doubledipp­ing chips, regifting presents), the unsentimen­tal “no hugging, no learning” mantra of Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David, its collection of New York characters like the Soup Nazi and George Steinbrenn­er (voiced by David), and the explosive comic chemistry among

Seinfeld, Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

(as Jerry’s judgmental ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes), and Michael Richards (as his shiftless, gregarious neighbor Cosmo Kramer). Impeccably designed and endlessly quotable, like when the famous episode “The Contest” defined abstaining from masturbati­on as being “master of your domain.”

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