Rolling Stone

11 Succession

HBO 2018- Present


Logan Roy (Brian Cox), patriarch of this blacker-thanblack comedy about the ongoing battle for control of a Fox News-style media empire among his four entitled children — ineffectua­l

Connor (Alan Ruck), wounded addict Kendall (Jeremy Strong), smug Shiv (Sarah Snook), and childish Roman (Kieran Culkin) — would probably look at its finish just outside our top 10 and tell all of us to fuck off. Considerin­g how deftly Succession depicts the state of modern media (and how people like Logan harm the world for their own personal gain), finds ways to get the audience to understand members of the family like Kendall or the gawky and clueless Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun), and continuous­ly churns out scathingly funny dialogue, he may have a point.

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