Rolling Stone

36 I Love Lucy

CBS 1951-57


In a ranking of the most historical­ly important series in television history, this seminal comedy would probably finish ahead of even The Sopranos. Simply put, no show has been more influentia­l or imitated than the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz vehicle that created the multicamer­a sitcom (shot on a stage in front of a raucous audience) as we know it. The gender politics haven’t aged well, as much of the series involves Arnaz’s nightclub bandleader, Ricky Ricardo, paternalis­tically dismissing the dreams of Ball’s Lucy each time his wife’s ambition to be anything other than a housewife gets her in trouble. But the slapstick genius of Ball — on display in iconic sequences like Lucy and best friend Ethel (Vivian Vance) struggling to keep up with a candy-factory conveyer belt, Lucy getting into a brawl while stomping grapes during a trip to Italy, Lucy getting drunk while filming a TV commercial, or Lucy re-creating the Duck Soup mirror scene with Harpo Marx — sure has.

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