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39 Curb Your Enthusiasm


HBO 2000-present

The unspoken theme of Curb is the fictionali­zed Larry David’s struggle to find something to do with his life that will live up to co-creating Seinfeld. But the actual David has somehow turned his follow-up show into a Seinfeld sequel, a remake of it, and a rebuttal to it, posing an argument that the show about nothing might have been even funnier if George Costanza had been fabulously wealthy and able to curse up a storm. All these years later, the familiar Seinfeldes­que convergenc­e of subplots at the end of episodes still pays huge comic dividends, whether the stories were familiar (like Jerry, Larry winds up befriendin­g a key participan­t from the 1986 World Series) or wildly different (Larry hires a sex worker so he has an excuse to drive in the carpool lane and avoid freeway traffic). And if Curb has proved more uneven than its predecesso­r, its best moments (say, Larry’s love of Palestinia­n chicken and wild sex conflictin­g with his pride in his Jewish heritage) surpass even Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer at their peak.

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