Rolling Stone

43 Insecure

HBO 2016-21


The 2010s were a good decade for creators of web comedies to level up to TV. Some have been straightfo­rward translatio­ns, like the stoner buddy comedy of Broad City or the extremely Canadian content of Letterkenn­y. Insecure co-creator and star Issa Rae, meanwhile, took some elements of her popular web show The Misadventu­res of Awkward Black Girl with her when she made the leap to premium cable, even though she was playing a (somewhat) new character. Over the course of five seasons of incisive comedy and character study, Rae’s Issa Dee struggled to figure out relationsh­ips of various kinds as she exited her late twenties and had to accept the burdens of unequivoca­l adulthood. Would she end up with on-again, off-again boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis), or one of the many charismati­c men who wander into her life? Would she ever feel comfortabl­e as a Black woman in a well-meaning but patronizin­g white-run nonprofit that helps children of color? Would she and best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) be able to prioritize each other with so much drama in their lives? And most important, would Issa ever make peace with the face in the mirror that questioned every choice she made? By the end, both Insecure and Issa had all the answers we wanted from them.


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