Rolling Stone

42 Battlestar Galactica

SCI-FI 2003-09


When you remake a classic, there is nowhere to go but down. The smarter play is what happened here, when Star Trek vet Ronald D. Moore transforme­d a corny late-Seventies Star Wars rip-off into a gripping sci-fi allegory about 9/11 and the never-ending

War on Terror, where the religious fundamenta­list killers happen to be robots (like Tricia Helfer’s vivacious but multifacet­ed Number Six) who can pass for human. Cool space battles peacefully co-exist with grounded character stories, played by a superb cast led by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. The new BSG proved to be such a revelation that there’s already another remake in the works, which brings us back to the warning in this blurb’s first sentence.

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