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Sometimes in life, you have to surrender to the call of the wild. Even if you’re not a natural-outdoors type, the mighty splendor of the Grand Canyon is a marvel that everyone can worship in their own way, whether you camp, bike, ride a burro, gawk at the glass-bottom Skywalk, or just stay home to watch the final halfhour of National Lampoon’s Vacation. But zip-lining will allow you to get up close and personal with the canyon in a way that you’ll never forget. (It recently opened on the West Rim, at the Hualapai Reservatio­n.) Fly through the air at 40 mph, 500 feet above the gaping stone maw. It’s the primal battle that’s deep in our DNA: humanity vs. nature; you vs. the void; flesh and bone vs. the unforgivin­g canyon.

Need some alone time? Go all the way by faking your own demise. It’ll cause needless pain to loved ones, sure, but what a perfect excuse to ignore your emails, let your texts pile up, and disappear for a while. All you need to do is start the rumor wheels spinning. Then scroll through your memorial tributes and the self-aggrandizi­ng anecdotes of your so-called friends. Finally, witness the disappoint­ment on everybody’s face when you show up again!

What is life without an impossible quest? Your mission: Bring the planet’s most famously estranged brothers back together, so they can let “Wonderwall” ring out again. Since Noel and Liam Gallagher spent the lifespan of Oasis feuding, you would think they would have gotten it out of their systems. But when the end came, it was faster than a cannonball. The Brothers Gallagher split in 2009 and have barely spoken since. Liam has said that the last time he laid eyes on Noel was about 10 years ago, at a football match.

But neither rules out a reunion: Noel has said he would be willing to duet with a Liam hologram. “The door is ajar,” Liam said. How hard could it be to lure them to the same pub to be serenaded by a busker playing “Champagne Supernova”? Let the healing begin and the brothers roll with it once more.

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