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Turn-About Ranch



In 2021, Bhad Bhabie posted a video on her YouTube channel about being sent to the Turn-About Ranch after her appearance on Dr. Phil. “They strip you from your whole personalit­y,” she said. She claimed she was forced to stay awake for days and do manual labor while being denied a bed and decent meals. The 100-day program promises to teach “leadership, teamwork, accountabi­lity, and responsibi­lity.” Multiple alumni have sued, alleging abuse. A 2012 lawsuit claimed a teen girl had been subjected to “torture” by “sadists and psychopath­s”; it was dismissed due to a statute-of-limitation­s violation. In 2021, an alum sued Phil McGraw and CBS for sending her there, claiming she’d been groped by a staffer. A judge dismissed the suit. Dr. Phil responded to Bhad Bhabie’s claims, saying the show is “not involved” in what happens after a guest leaves the stage, and Turn-About denied the allegation­s in the 2021 lawsuit, saying it had taken them seriously at the time of the incident.

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