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DOJA CAT RECENTLY described her music as “controlled chaos,” adding, “I’m crazy about putting different genres into the same album or even into the same song.” That manic sense of clever, purposeful juxtaposit­ion comes through in everything she does. Doja is such a pop-culture fixture at this point that it’s hard to believe that 2022 was her first year attending Paris Fashion Week. “My Fashion Week experience was special because I was able to get the message across to people that

I am an explorer of art and fashion,” she said. At designer Thom Browne’s show, Doja was in the front row (nestled between the legendary Janet Jackson and fellow style savant Jaden Smith) sporting a tie-shaped gown. At the first official Paris runway show by the brand A.W.A.K.E. Mode, she was the center of attention in a gingham suit and gold body paint. The previous weekend, she appeared at the fall-winter Monôt show caressed in a black cutout dress and full alien face paint. In any context, she can make the overstated feel natural and the mundane seem extravagan­t. “I like a performanc­e when it’s not onstage,” she said recently. “I think it’s really fun. Life is too short, having the same hair and the same face all day.”

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