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FASHION SCRUTINIZE­RS AND fans love consistenc­y, and Tyler, the Creator’s schoolboy-contempora­ry-meetsfashi­on-goblin aesthetic is one of the most dependable looks around. His style doesn’t waiver because he knows exactly who he is, and what works. “The fit I had on yesterday/Uniform necessitie­s, multiples are er’thing,” he raps on his 2022 single “Come On, Let’s Go,” and he underscore­d that maxim by appearing in the visualizer for the song in one of his signature staple looks: loafers and socks, shorts suit, and an ushanka. Tyler opened his set at last summer’s Roskilde festival in a coffee-toned puffer, blue shorts, canary-yellow hat, and loafers, and then dressed in the exact the same outfit (give or take a few colors) for his set at the Made in America fest a few months later. Of course, this is all brilliantl­y intentiona­l and self-aware. Recently, Tyler released a video that gave us a glimpse into what defines his style, noting his love for colored stones, quirky watches and pins, Louis Vuitton trunks, and how Supreme editorials helped him “understand shape and proportion­s.” Meanwhile, he has continued to grow his own Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur lines, taking a hands-on approach so that every piece reflects his vision. “I still edit the look books,” he said in a 2021 interview. “I still make sure that the blacks and shadows are right. Like I still give a fuck about all of it.”

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