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THE INDIANA-BORN Mexican American pop star’s style veers toward minimalism, but there’s always power in Omar Apollo’s simplicity. Check out the video for his hit single “Evergreen.” In the clip, Apollo builds a room on an empty stage and watches it fall in around him while wearing a distressed flannel shirt and peeling leather pants from the Balmain collection, featuring the phrase “Do you still buy magazines?” written in the same script as Kurt Cobain’s journals. “The styling for ‘Evergreen’ was relatively modest, which was deliberate,” says stylist Brandon Tan. “The song has a lot to do with vulnerabil­ity — the room built by Omar and then deconstruc­ted — so there was definitely a through line of demolition, seen in the distressin­g details of the R13 flannel.” It’s the mark of a budding genius who knows he doesn’t need to shout to be noticed.

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