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Though they may not be ready to make the list just yet, the style of these three musicians is about to pop off in 2023. CAROLINE POLACHECK

Polacheck received a seal of approval when Dua Lipa asked her to open for her on tour. Blending cult brands, like the custom Elena Velez leotards she wore at Coachella and silk slips by

Heliot Emil, she’s definitely the kid you wish you could be friends with and gives off the ultimate vibe check.


Runway’s style straddles the line between editorial and unhinged, the best place to be when you’re talking about serving up the ultimate looks. Unfortunat­ely, this rising U.K. rapper and singer’s style isn’t quite commercial enough for the mass market, but that’s why we love her so much. Keep doing your thing, Runway!


If you’re looking for the perfect sartorial looks with a little bit of swagger, then look no further than Wizkid. The Afrobeats star is breaking into the game on a whole other level. His clean silhouette, matched with high-end textiles and iced accessorie­s, is exemplary of a true style connoisseu­r.

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