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HE’S HELD THE TITLE “best dressed man in hip-hop” for years now, and always keeps finding ways to challenge the expectatio­ns that come with such elite status. Case in point: the video for his late-2022 single “Shittin’ Me.” A$AP sits in a busy high-rise office wearing a gray blazer, blue button-up, and red tie, as a staff of underlings buzz around him. Then the camera pulls back to reveal that he’s rocking wide-leg drop-crotch cargos — the perfect touch to upend the staid setting. This kind of chic rule-breaking has made him a favorite for fashion houses like Dior and Raf Simons. Rocky’s greatest hits over the years include a shorts-suit summer combo that he pulled off with ease, and a leather skirt, something very few male rappers could get away with wearing. “Some people look at me strange as hell,” he told

Rolling Stone. “That’s cool. A lot of things I do, it may not sit well at first, but eventually, they aren’t gonna have a choice but to get on the bandwagon.” His fashion year in 2022 was a little quieter than usual; after all, he and Rihanna did become new parents last spring. He was even seen rocking the same outfit twice in public, a dad flex we admire, and more proof that he has no problem doing his own thing.

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