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Capturing the Real Kristen Stewart


Collier Schorr Photograph­er

For this issue’s cover photo, Kristen Stewart wanted “the gayest fucking thing you’ve ever seen in your life” (as she recalls in her cover story, p. 30). Renowned photograph­er Collier Schorr, for whom androgyny is “a natural creative expression,” was happy to run with that vision. On the cover, Stewart is subversive and in control, boldly posed in nothing but a black leather vest and a vintage jockstrap. “We both wanted to go deep into iconograph­y and hot-wire it,” Schorr says. The New York-based photograph­er has shot Stewart several times, going back to 2006. “It’s so evolutiona­ry, like friendship,” Schorr says. “We understand what’s at stake. It’s the gift of sharing authorship.”

Schorr has also photograph­ed subjects such as Lana Del Rey, Brie Larson, and Jennifer Lawrence for Harper’s Bazaar and Interview Magazine.

Alex Morris Senior Writer

Alex Morris compares writing about celebritie­s to going on a blind date — “but unlike a blind date, you can't just leave,” she says. Soon after meeting Kristen Stewart for this issue’s cover story, she was chugging Coors Lite and swapping book recommenda­tions with the actor. Since 2012, Morris has written about Lorde, Selena Gomez, Halsey, and many others for RS.

Olga Mill Stylist

Olga Mill curated the “retroathle­tic callback” look that Kristen Stewart rocks on the cover. “So much of being a costume designer is establishi­ng trust,” she says of her bond with Stewart, which formed while they worked on the set of Love Lies Bleeding.

Mill has also worked on Hereditary and Eileen.

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