High school sopho­more strug­gles to get over crush on an older stu­dent


Dear Abby: I’m a sopho­more in high school, and I’m in love with a se­nior. I met him a year ago when we had some classes to­gether. We liked each other, but be­cause of our age dif­fer­ence, we never dated. I thought I would get over him over the sum­mer, but I didn’t. We don’t see each other at all this year, and I’m al­most sure he’s moved on. I feel like I need to move on, too, but deep down I re­ally don’t want to. I’m wor­ried I’ll never find some­one I like as much as him. Help me get on with my life.

— To­tally Stuck

In Mon­tana

Dear Stuck: A way to move for­ward would be to give your­self less time to think about him. Stay busy and keep your mind

Dear Abby: This has been hap­pen­ing for years, and I would like your ad­vice, please. I like my meat well done. But when­ever I or­der a steak that way, some­one at the ta­ble in­vari­ably has to com­ment that I am ru­in­ing the tex­ture, killing the taste, etc. Red or rare meat dis­gusts me. If I see blood on my plate, I can eat only the well-done parts. Is there a nice way of telling other peo­ple to mind their own busi­ness and let me or­der my food the way I want it? — Still Mov­ing

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