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Two-year old relationsh­ip seems to be off more often than it is on


Dear Abby: I have been on and off with a man for two years. In all this time, he has never spent a holiday or Valentine’s Day with me, or introduced me to his family or friends.

He told me to stay in the bathroom at his office when his friends showed up unexpected­ly. When I objected, he said, “It’s only for 20 minutes.” I was horrified.

He accuses me of picking fights and says I will never be happy with anyone when I try to talk with him about it. He breaks up with me at holiday time, never calls when he’s on vacation and our dates are always last minute. I realize he is using me for sex, but he insists I am wrong and he is a decent man.

Two birthdays passed, and he didn’t even wish me a happy birthday, yet he buys presents and cards for every occasion for his friends and family. He blocks my number if I don’t “behave properly.” He calls me “Miss” in public, but calls waitresses “Sweetie” the few times we have gone out.

Narcissist­ic and emotionall­y abusive? Am I wrong?

He tells me no one will stay with me once they know the type of woman I am. I’m not always at fault like he wants me to believe. He buys me nothing to drink or eat when we are together. I pay my own way. I regret the day he entered my life. How can I make him see what he does is wrong?

— Almost Done in New York

Dear Almost Done: This shameless man may never view what he has been doing as wrong, so don’t try to “make” him see anything.

End this sorry excuse for a relationsh­ip now, because it is degrading, a waste of your time, and it’s very likely that he is married and cheating on his wife.


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