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Lin Wood tells judge he can’t be sanctioned because he never ‘broadcast’ video against court rules

- By Dave Boucher

DETROIT — A federal judge in Detroit cannot punish Lin Wood because the election conspiracy-peddling attorney has never practiced in her jurisdicti­on and technicall­y did not meet the dictionary definition of “broadcast” when he shared a video of a recent court hearing in a way that would violate local rules, Wood’s attorney wrote in a filing submitted Thursday.

The argument from attorney Paul Stablein is part of a larger effort to stave off sanctions for lawyers who filed a lawsuit last year filled with false and misleading informatio­n in a failed attempt to help former President Trump win Michigan.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker heard arguments for and against sanctionin­g Wood, Sidney Powell and a handful of other attorneys tied to the lawsuit. The Eastern District of Michigan bars the recording or broadcasti­ng of hearings; typically, that prevents people from taking phones and cameras into courtrooms. But given the pandemic, Parker held the hearing virtually and it was broadcast over Youtube.

After the hearing, Wood took to social media platform Telegram and shared a small portion of a recording that showed Powell speaking at the hearing. That prompted Robert Davis, a serial litigant who is also a member of this lawsuit, to ask Parker to hold Wood in contempt of court.

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