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President Biden names tech foe Kanter as DOJ antitrust chief

- By Justin Sink and David Mclaughlin

President Joe Biden plans to nominate Jonathan Kanter as head of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, the White House said Tuesday, the latest sign that the administra­tion is preparing a broad crackdown on large technology companies.

Kanter, 47, who left one of the country’s biggest law firms last year to start his own firm, is a long-time foe of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, representi­ng companies that have pushed antitrust enforcers to sue the search giant.

Kanter has “been a leading advocate and expert in the effort to promote strong and meaningful antitrust enforcemen­t and competitio­n policy,” the White House said in a statement.

If confirmed by the Senate, Kanter would take over the antitrust division as it forges ahead with a monopoly lawsuit filed in October against

Google and an investigat­ion of Apple Inc. over its App Store practices.

Kanter is the favored candidate of a faction of lawmakers and antitrust experts who say the U.S. economy is plagued by monopoly power across industries, and that enforcers at the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission need to more aggressive­ly police mergers and anticompet­itive conduct.

Kanter’s nomination follows Biden’s signing of a sweeping executive order designed to promote competitio­n across industries, including measures such as restrictin­g noncompete agreements for workers and allowing imports of prescripti­on drugs from Canada.

Advocates of more aggressive antitrust enforcemen­t cheered Kanter’s nomination. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, the Democrat who chairs the Senate antitrust subcommitt­ee, said Kanter’s “deep legal experience and history of advocating

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