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- Source: Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

The following is a one-day snapshot of the inmate population being housed in Floyd County Jail, 2526 New Calhoun Highway N.E., Rome by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. The population varies each day.

This list also shows the number of Floyd County Inmates loaned out to other facilities because of various medical problems or because they are juvenile offenders. Some inmates awaiting trial are denied bond, while others have a bond but have not been released because they are considered a flight risk or they are unable to make bond. City prisoners are those individual­s arrested by Rome police.

Figures listed as “other” reflect the number of adult inmates being held because they violated a juvenile court order, inmates awaiting appeal, those who have been arrested on warrants issued by other counties or states and are awaiting pickup, as well as those being held on federal charges.

Inmate Population

for July 20, 2021

Jail records show the total inmate population for this report was 756 The number of inmates on site was 609. This figure does not include prisoners “loaned out” or “weekenders.” This puts the facility at 81 percent capacity.

Prisoners in:

Medical – 8

Booking – 6

Loaned Out – 10

Weekenders – 0

Youth Detention Center – 6 At local medical centers – 0

Floyd County Jail records show 425 male inmates and 121 female inmates were being held.

♦ Inmates awaiting transfer to a Georgia Department of Correction­s facility – 31

♦ Georgia Department of Correction­s inmates being held for court – 0

♦ Inmates serving a Floyd County sentence – 153

♦ Inmates awaiting trial or revocation

– 389

♦ Other – 60 Inmates Boarded In

This list also indicates the number of Floyd County inmates being boarded in from other city/county jails because of limited space.

City inmates: 8

Cave Spring: 1 Chattooga County: 8 FCPD County: 0 Gilmer County: 0 U.S. Marshals: 4 Total Boarded: 21

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