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- Source: Floyd County Superior Court Clerk’s Office

Total equity value of transactio­ns,

this listing: $11,004,200

Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transactio­n. Transactio­ns are taken from deeds recorded by the clerks at the Floyd County Courthouse deed room. The abbreviati­ons AKA and FKA (also known as and formerly known as) will appear. These indicate the individual uses a name that is slightly different from the one given him/her at birth or one that it is entirely different.

Stan Brooks to Katelyn Thomas, 712 Burnett Ferry Road, $340.

Max Jones Jr. to Cody Martin, 353 Morris Road, Silver Creek, $211. Briana and Tyler Roberts to Christina Arnold, 500 Thomas Bluff Road, $200.

Twinseats Inc. to Peco LLC., 3798

Martha Berry Highway, $235. Caroline Wacker to Richard Wacker, 3301 Garden Lakes Parkway, $144. Bennie Thomas to Neshanda Lawrence, 3 Glenrise Terrace, $166.60. RGIO LLC to Davis First Investment­s LLC, map and parcel K11X021, $207.

Michal Zelenak to Nathan Miller, 9 River Pine Drive, $620.

Colten Smith to James Williamson, 125 Bryant Road, $190.

Frank Hood to Dalton Gibbs, map and parcel J17Z-085, $196.

David Cook to Joy Lucas, 27 Timberwood Drive, $225.

Christophe­r Hudson to W.A. Jett, 720 Buttrum Road, $270.

Annie White to Robin King, map and parcel J15Y-402, $115.

Stephen Arispe to Alexander Mackey, 4 SE East Lake Road, $130.

Aum Sahaj LLC to Shree Durga Shakti Inc., 217 E Highway 411, $1,800.

Larry Stanley to Misty Gordon, 823 Mayes Bridge Road, $205.

Sharon Byrd to Kevin Velasco, 5 Venetian Way, $139.

Danny Hughes to Charles Nicholson III, 409 Burnett Ferry Road, $130. Jose Criollo to Tamisha Harris, map and parcel H13P-082, $199.90.

Rome Pizza Company LLC to Michal Zelenak, map and parcel J14D-052, $1,410.

Pauline Ayers to Luz Ramirez, 9 Honeytree Trail, $180.

Nicole Simonda to Thomas Fricks, 2282 Old Summervill­e Road, $216.20. Diana Robertson to John Callahan, map and parcel N11-192, $175.

Lacy and Christophe­r Lionetti to April Godfrey, 3 Coventry Drive, $325. Verdant Investment­s LLC to SDH Atlanta LLC, map and parcel J11Z002, $144.

Blake Henderson to Nicholas Von Der Ahe, 208 Saddle Mountain Road, $309.

Cynthia Davidson to 216 Realty LLC, map and parcel J13Y-381, $230.

William and Laura Martin to Cindy and Delbert Nadeau, 185 Canard Road, $325.

D.I.D. Investment­s LLC to Cowan Land Holdings LLC, map and parcel L12Y-124, $585.

Steven Craig to Willard Tuck, 5 Kentucky Ave., $185.

Jason Stroupe to Elliott Cunningham III, map and parcel M16-074A, $112.50.

Galmar LLC to Kenny Johnson, map and parcel J11X-082A, $300. WJH LLC to Lakeisha Barnes, 21 Walton Creek Drive, $181.

Johnny Childs to Pamela Eaves, 1522 Cave Spring Road, $120. Broad Street LLC to James Barker, map and parcel J14C-116AD, $243. Edith Mills to Georgia Postal Realty Holdings LLC, map and parcel E19X091, $240.

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