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- COLUMNIST|HARRY Former Roman Harry Musselwhit­e is the author of “Martin the Guitar,” co-creator of “The Dungball Express” podcast and is an award-winning filmmaker.

Today’s column is one of those that allow this writer to string a number of random thoughts and ideas in what is hopefully an entertaini­ng manner. Here we go.

How does one become an “influencer” and why would major companies pay 20 year olds to recommend their cologne? How can I get this job?

I understand essential oils, but what about nonessenti­al oils?

When I return to Rome, folks in restaurant­s often come up to me and say they enjoy my “letters” in the Rome News Tribune. Folks, they are called columns; I’ve never written a letter to any newspaper.

Recipe for a huge success in New Mexico: (1) Get large field; (2) fill it with 500 or so hot air balloons; (3) invite friends. Repeat this yearly until it becomes the biggest event of the year. Who knew?

This week two people I know, not real friends but acquaintan­ces, appeared on big time nationally recognized talk shows. They had nothing in common but being cool people with talent.

My writing partner, Donald J. Davenport, who has written a number of Hallmark Movies (see under Severo Avila), got a book he has written greenlit this week. (He gets excited when I mention him in my RN-T columns.)

I had lunch with a former student this week. I had not seen him for 38 years. I asked him how old he was and he replied “57.” We are only 10 years apart, but when I was his teacher, we both felt we were decades apart in age. There ought to be a term for that phenomenon.

My village in New Mexico is named Los Lunas. Even the folks here say “Las” Lunas. Fundamenta­lly there are two errors. If one says “Los” Lunas, they are speaking of “The Lunas Family.” If they say “Las” they are talking about multiple lunar objects. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

People who declare, “You will never (fill in the blank)” really do their fellow travelers a huge disservice. When I was a voice teacher (I actually still am) many a student would come to my attention to say they couldn’t sing. It would always be revealed that someone in their earlier years told them, “You will never sing.” These wounded birds often became stalwarts of my Berry choirs and still sing today.

You say you hate an author? Easy. Don’t read him/her.

You say you hate a musician? See above. Last week Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went down. Reminds me of an Eagles song, “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” My writing partner, DJD (see above), adores the Los Angeles Dodgers. My bride and I follow the Atlanta Braves with great enthusiasm. Can this artistic partnershi­p be saved? (He’s going to do backflips over the double column mention.)

I think this column, as it is, sets the Georgia Press record for the use of parenthese­s.

When I started writing for this newspaper oh those many decades ago, I started with three columns. After my second column was published, I got a crude hand lettered bit of correspond­ence in my Berry College mailbox. I thought, “Oh boy, my first fan letter!” In the letter the writer basically blamed me for all the ills of society including the then current hospital issues, the national debt, and more. I walked into editor Pierre Noth’s office at the RN-T and exclaimed, “I got this letter.” Pierre glanced up, saw the handwritin­g and replied, “I know him.” A columnist gets fan letters?

Last week was Dr. John Beninato’s birthday. He is one terrific oral surgeon. What most people don’t know is that Mr. Beninato, the kindly music shop owner in my children’s book “Martin the Guitar,” is named after him.

Speaking of birthdays, now because of Facebook, you get all these greetings, which only require a simple click. I miss the days when your real close friends took the time and trouble to actually buy a card, write a little something, and send via the U.S. Mail, or at least an inter-office envelope.

I will close by saying I hope the leaves in your yard are turning a beautiful golden color, your pumpkin lattes are sweet and warm, and that your children all get into the school of their dreams.

Carry on.

 ?? ?? Musselwhit­e

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