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Dave Coulter wins full term as county executive

Democrats clinch other countywide seats

- By Mark Cavitt mcavitt@medianewsg­ @MarkCavitt on Twitter

Oakland County Executive David Coulter clinched a full, fouryear term as county executive while four other Democrats secured countywide elected office.

In addition to Coulter, other Democrats winning races for countywide office included Karen McDonald (elected prosecutor), Lisa Brown (re- elected clerk/ register of deeds), Jim Nash (reelected water resources commission­er), and Robert Wittenberg (elected treasurer).

Coulter said he’s full of gratitude to the voters. He believes that his message and vision resonated with voters including expanding access to health care services through the county’s public health clinics, responding effectivel­y to the COVID-19 response, implementi­ng the Oakland80 workforce talent initiative, and continuing responsibl­e fiscal practices.

“In the end, they always get the final say,” he said. “I respect that and I appreciate the their confidence in the job that I’ve been doing and their willingnes­s to give me four more years to do it. We’ve laid out a lot of direction over the past year and a half, which I think was helpful to give the voters a chance to get to know me a little better and understand what my priorities are.”

Sheriff Michael Bouchard was re- elected for a fifth time. He remains the lone Republican holding a top elected office in Oakland

County government.

McDonald said stepping down as circuit court judge to run for prosecutor was a “big risk” and that there was “a lot at stake” for her personally, but even more so the county. She said her campaign was about exposing some flaws in the county’s criminal justice system, which “just don’t work.”

“Real common sense criminal justice reform needs to be implemente­d in Oakland County,” she said. “This has been the toughest 18 months of my life and I feel obviously relieved, but also very excited to do what I set out to do. I’m just a real person that wants to bring change to Oakland County. I think people want authentic and passionate leaders that are in it for the right reasons. I think that’s why my campaign was so successful. It was never about me.”

Lorie Savin also defeated Clarence Dass to win her first term as Oakland County Circuit Court judge. She’s humbled by the responsibi­lity that the county voters have bestowed upon her, adding “I’m so incredibly thankful to

every person in the community that supported me.”

“I really hope to be assigned to the family division,” she said. “That is my passion and one of the reasons I became a lawyer, which is really helping families that are going through the legal system, especially children. I just want to make it a priority that we serve those families that are affected by unfortunat­e circumstan­ces as best as we can.”

Robert Wittenberg, a state representa­tive who defeated Republican Joe Kent, to win the treasurer’s race, said he’s very thankful to everyone who voted in Oakland County.

“I look forward to representi­ng everyone in the county as treasurer,” he said. “I thank Joe Kent for running a very positive campaign. I look forward to the work that we’re going to have to do. Elections aren’t about a single day or result, it’s about where we are going to go moving forward for our communitie­s. I want to make sure I’m really proactive so people

know what resources are available to them and that people can stay in our community.”

As of 2 p.m. Wednesday, all 506 of the county’s voting precincts were reporting full, unofficial results.

Here are the unofficial election results for the county’s top elected positions. All positions have four-year terms with the exception of circuit court judge, which is a six-year term.


Partial term ending Dec.


• Democrat David Coulter (I): (410,673 votes)

• Republican Mike Kowall: (323,468 votes)

Full- term ending Dec. 31, 2024:

• Democrat David Coulter (I): (407,582 votes)

• Republican Mike Kowall: (324,119 votes)


• Democrat Karen McDonald: (415,652 votes)

• Republ ican Lin Goetz: (313,668 votes)



• Republican Michael Bouchard ( I): (410,951 votes)

• Democrat Vincent Gregory: (344,003 votes)


• Democrat Robert Wittenberg: (390,681 votes)

• Republican Joe Kent: (335,077 votes)


• Democrat Lisa Brown (I): (406,846 votes)

• Republican Tina Barton: (321,338 votes)


• Democrat Jim Nash (I): (410,710 votes)

• Republican Jim Stevens: (313,338 votes)


• Clarence Dass: (221,799 votes)

• Lorie Savin: (275,329 votes)

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