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Lucido, Forlini ride red wave to top Macomb County positions

- By Jameson Cook jcook@medianewsg­ @JamesonCoo­k on Twitter

Two fresh but familiar faces, both Republican, will be taking over key posts in Macomb County government as part of the GOP’s history-making political victories in Tuesday’s election.

State Sen. Pete Lucido of Shelby Township defeated former judge Mary Chrzanowsk­i for prosecutor and Republican Anthony Forlini defeated Clerk Fred Miller, in addition to GOP Public Works Commission­er Candice Miller and GOP Treasurer Larry Rocca winning re-election. The lone countywide Democrat to win Tuesday was Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

The county Board of Commission­ers for the first time in recent history flipped from an 8-5 Democratic majority to 7- 6 Republican majority.

Lucido, who won by a margin of 52.5 to 47.5 percent, said he is grateful for the support.

“I am humbled by the fact that people wanted to go ahead and support me,” he said. “They have chosen the right person to do the job in the Prosecutor’s Office. I’m really excited about coming home to do this.”

Lucido on Wednesday morning went to work in Lansing and testified at a committee hearing, he said.

Chrzanowsk­i could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Both candidates vigorously campaigned, but Lucido outspent Chrzanowsk­i by more than three-to-one, about $380,000 to about $120,000. Lucido’s name was plastered on signs throughout the county as well as online.

Lucido touted his experience as a lawyer and running a law firm for many years prior to being elected a state representa­tive in 2014 and senator in 2018, posts that saw Lucido become one of the most outspoken lawmakers in the state. He also pointed to his extensive community involvemen­t compared to his opponent.

Lucido overcame sexual harassment claims by three women late last year and early this year that resulted him being stripped of a senate committee assignment. Lucido has denied the incidents, and his wife published a letter on Facebook in support of her husband.

Chrzanowsk­i promoted her 24 years as a Macomb Circuit Court judge and independen­ce resulting from lack of ties to large donors.

She also was a regular on the syndicated television show, “Face the Truth,” in the 2018-19 TV season and frequent guest on “The Doctors.”

Both candidates appeared at a forum featuring all seven original primary prosecutor candidates and took swipes at each other separately on a local TV show about three weeks before the election. Lucido criticized Chranowski for refusing to debate him, though Chrzanowsk­i said she declined because Lucido wanted to choose the moderator. Chrznowski called Lucido a bully.

Negativity in the campaign was initiated by a Political Action Committee in support of Lucido that distribute­d a piece of literature attacking Chrzanowsk­i.

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