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Today is Guy Fawkes’ Night in England. It commemorat­es the unsuccessf­ul attempt of Guy Fawkes and his gang in 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament while King James I of England and James VI of Scotland was giving his speech to open the new session. The English light bonfires with effigies of Guy Fawkes on them and let off fireworks.

This deal featured fireworks in the bidding.

What do you think of the various choices?

South nearly overcalled two spades. Yes, the hand would have been strong for a weak jump overcall, but opposite a passed partner, game was unlikely. When West responded two hearts, South metaphoric­ally kicked himself. Surely a passed hand wouldn’t have been able to bid three hearts.

After that, East-West advertised their double fit in the red suits. South knew that when both sides have a double fit, it usually pays to declare. So South bid the rare five over five, which turned out to be wrong here.

Five hearts would have gone down two if NorthSouth had taken one spade, two hearts and a diamond ruff.

Against five spades doubled, West led his club. East won with his ace and returned the suit, South ducking, and West ruffing. After a diamond to the ace and no second club ruff, South conceded down one.

North immediatel­y said that he was going to double five hearts. “Yes,” replied South, “and because you knew you wanted to do that, you should have doubled five diamonds to key me in.”

“Yes ... I must admit I didn’t think of that.” It was a good point, though. United Feature Syndicate

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